Nation of Enemies

By H.A. Raynes

Author H.A. Raynes published NATION OF ENEMIES, A THRILLER with HarperCollins & Witness Impulse. A timely political thriller in the current election year as the United States ushers a polarizing figure into the White House. 

Surreal Name Spotting

After years of writing, it's nothing short of surreal to see my name on Amazon and other major bookseller sites. I remember googling it for the first time and actually felt, I think the right word is, giddy. Suddenly people I bump into every day know I'm a writer, know things about my novel I've never told them. It's thrilling and jarring at the same time. I'm not used to it yet. Soon I'm sure I'll be comfortable talking at length about the process, my book in particular and writing in general. In a way, I think blogging/FB/twitter/etc. eases the way, forces my words out ahead of my body. I look forward to catching up to them.