Nation of Enemies

By H.A. Raynes

Author H.A. Raynes published NATION OF ENEMIES, A THRILLER with HarperCollins & Witness Impulse. A timely political thriller in the current election year as the United States ushers a polarizing figure into the White House. 

In the spirit of this election year...a giveaway!

Hi everyone!

In the spirit of this election year and all the...colorful(?!) issues that are swirling around us in the news every day, I'm hosting a giveaway for NATION OF ENEMIES! Refugees, candidates' medical histories and questionable's a timely thriller, don't you agree? The giveaway is on Amazon (ebook version). People say it's "in the vein of Michael Chrichton and James Rollins" - you can see all the great reviews on goodreads and on Amazon. Here's the link to put your name in the hat! Happy reading! 

And see it here on Goodreads